A year ago, when we– two crazy-busy rabbinical students– started working on Hamilversions of the Passover story, we had no idea that our work would reach so many folks. We were humbled by the opportunity to add a little value to an inherently valuable Jewish experience, and of course we had a lot of fun seeing how y’all took our work and ran with it, just like we did Lin-Manuel Miranda’s original masterpiece.

It’s hardly a surprise that, a year later, Hamilton continues to be a central work in the American art scene. Even when (in a decade or two) the initial fervor around Hamilton dies, it will live on as a classic in the same vein as Les Miserables and Harry Potter. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to expand last year’s work into a stand-alone haggadah, a book you can use to complete a seder from start to finish without anything else on the side (although, really, what’s a seder without at least 3 competing haggadot)?

On this site, you’ll find links to our old material- the google doc and soundcloud will never die! After April 1, you’ll also be able to download our full Haggadah full of old stuff and a whole bunch of new stuff so that you can Hamilton up your entire seder. We want our haggadah to be accessible for everybody, so we’ll let you download for free, but we’d love you to offer a donation that will be given to a worthy organization.

We are still two crazy-busy rabbinical students, but we’re not gonna let y’all down. Are you willing to Wait For It?